Fadi Daoud’s artistic maturity belies his age.

The 26 years old belongs to a family of artists, but he stands out on his own, deeply rooted in the tradition of this area, but also pioneering artistic trends.The 26 years old belongs to a family of artists, but he stands out on his own, deeply rooted in the tradition of this area, but also pioneering artistic trends.His “linear” style is distinctive; he masters the line, possesses it, manipulates it to his end and it, like a willing mistress, allows itself  to be used and made into beautiful art.Influenced by famous regional artists but by traditional places of education as well, Fadi, forever attentive and sensitive to his surroundings, absorbed teachings and information, creating his own attractive style.Parallel lines flow seamlessly, seem to run to infinity, as theyshould, but then, defying laws of physics, bend ever so slightly, to create curves and domes, rounded lips emitting sounds or decorating curlicues. They generate endearing people and tableaux, life and movement, sound and smell.Derived from the spirituality of Islamic art, the geometricalsharpness of lines meeting at acute angles is softened by Fadi who listens to music while working, often creating a world of music himself.Iconic regional singers – Umm Kalthoum, Asmahan, Fairouz – back-up artists and instrument-plucking musicians populate his paintings, as do fish and fishmongers, and men whiling time away playing ancient board games or cards. Wearing traditional costumes and fezes, sporting mustaches and intent on their games, these charming individuals bring to life old, romanticized times, live in a long gone, peaceful era that had nothing of the mad pace of modern days.Byzantine art and Sufi spirituality also inspire Fadi. His twirlingdervishes, painstaking streaks of color, are an embodiment of the latter, people who through dance and music forget about everything actual and tangible to reach a spiritual world. It is their way of worshiping and getting closer to God.The overall aspect of Fadi’s paintings is, refreshingly surprising,figurative.Yet at microcosm level, any square block of his imagery is an intriguing abstract.His colors are fresh and strong; their play, and that of the lines, gives the two-dimensional images depth and animate them.Fadi’s works appeal to young and old, to traditional and modern, to artists and lay people alike.They talk about an artist who although young, has covered a long distance, and hold promises of more.
Ica Wahbeh

L’artiste Jordanien Fadi Daoud :
Tissage de la couleur dans la surface picturale.

الفنان الأردني : فادي الداود: حياكة اللون في السطح التصويري.

Jordanian artist Fadi Daoud -- color weaving on canvas

Fadi Daoud set to break from influences
( فادي الداوود تلميذ البهجوري في معرض ب ( زارة
محمد درويش
مريد البرغوثي
عصام طنطاوي
فادي داوود وخطوط الطرب
التشكيلي الأردني فادي الداوود تلميذ بهجوري الذي حفر لنفسه موقعا جديدا ومغايرا
الاحتفاء بالحياة من خلال الموسيقى
الفنان التشكيلي فادي داوود الفن التشكيلي في الاردن يمر بازمة
إفتتاح معرض الفنان الشاب فادي الداوود في غاليري المشرق
معرض شخصي للفنان الطفل فادي داود في رواق البلقاء
معرض التشكيلي الداود في جاليري المشرق.. بساطة الطرح و جرأة التلوين
التشكيلي الداود يتناول البتراء وأم كلثوم في تجربة فنية
موسيقى" .. تقويم يضم ست لوحات للفنان الداوود
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